Tuesday, 26 July 2011

T in The Park

I was heading down to London with Kristyna Myles to play at a showcase for the marketing team of the record label when we first heard the news that we had been confirmed to play at T in the Park. Exciting times. Beyonce and Coldplay were playing after us, albeit on a different stage. We suspected our stage, the T-Break stage might be on the small side, but it turned out to be pretty impressive and the crowd we attracted surpassed our expectations.

As we arrived we took in the beautiful Scottish countryside. The festival is surrounded by huge hills on all sides, so everywhere we looked there was an amazing view. Except perhaps for a few especially drunk people vomiting and urinating on themselves. That particular view was less than amazing. The band on before us was a local Scottish band so they had a lot of support. We were concerned the crowd might dissipate while we were on as we don't have a huge fan-base in Scotland yet. But instead the crowd inside the tent grew bigger and bigger. Maybe it was because N-dubz were on the other stage.  Hit jump to read on.

After a frantic 15 minute soundcheck we were ready to rock. Because of the size of the crowd I made a conscious decision to move around on stage more than i normally do, and even managed a jump. The jump seemed a lot bigger in my head though than it looked when I watched the video back. All in all it was a great gig and we got a really positive reaction from the crowd. Looking forward to playing at more festivals now and developing our festival craft. The festival audience can be a different beast to audiences at normal gigs and it's worth adjusting the setlist accordingly. 

By 7 o'clock it was time to watch some bands and relax with a few beers. And then a few more.......

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